Melandru, also known as Darnell Triebel , was born in Amsterdam. He discovered his passion for music in his teenage-years when he started spinning in local clubs and slowly diving into DAW’s to create music.

After recognizing he had a feeling for music, he quickly picked up the pace by producing tracks, bootlegs, remixes and sets. Next to that he started attending piano-lessons as well.

He is really passionate about music in movies and games, because they let people experience whole new stories and lives and feel emotions they would not always feel in their real life. This attribute you will hear back in his songs, focused on the same goal: let people blend into other stories, connect with their emotions and learn the importance of life.

During his higher secondary school he knew what he wanted to do with his life: make music. He is fascinated by many different music-styles: from dance to orchestra and from chinese instruments to native drums. Throughout the years he learned to respect every style of music made by people.

When Darnell got the phonecall he passed his exams for higher secondary school, he was already busy at his new music-school. He rapidly finished multiple music courses at different academies, from DJ and Producer to Music Engineer on several levels. He has knowledge about building blocks of music, music theory, productions, synthesis, studio technics, recording, mixing, mastering, marketing and performance. In other words: the whole package to become a successful musician in this new era of music making.

Now he is ready to take on the world and continue his adventure. With his finished education and his experience in performing at many clubs and parties in the Netherlands, he is a few steps closer to realizing his new dream, which is to become a successful musician.

You can describe Darnell’s style as Tropical House / Deep House with an ‘euforic’ touch and a bucket of Summer vibes. He loves to make relaxed and fascinating breaks with emotion, followed up by an energetic and dynamic drop. However, he doesn’t let his preference hold himself back from making other dance styles.